Coming soon: a better way to create events in Joomla

Well, after working with a variety of different events components for Joomla, we’ve finally realized that the non-profit community needed something a little more specific for its needs, and will soon be releasing our Non-Profit Soapbox Events component into the Soapbox family.

This has been a labour of love for Chris here, who’s been busily coding away to meet our continuous tweaks and edits. However, the end result is something I think we’ll all be very proud to provide our community.  Our component will include (I can’t possibly list them all):

  • easy event posting
  • RSS feeds (globally and by category)
  • RSVP functionality
  • Google map embedded into events
  • Automated directions to event
  • very clean front-end and back-end UI
  • modules for both a monthly calendar view and listing view of events

Core to all of this is a very easy, and intuitive way for people to post and share events.  And this is just version 1.  Version 2 will be even more compelling. We’re looking forward to including this in the Soapbox family very soon!

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