Joomla Tuesday hits both coasts

Just when you thought Joomla Tuesday could be contained to the Beltway.

Tomorrow, August 8, PICnet will be hosting two Joomla Tuesdays, one in San Francisco, and one in DC. It will be tough with the concorde no longer in service, but we’ll find a way to make both.

Joomla Tuesdays have been a great way for non-profit organizations and advocacy groups to get to know the Joomla content management system a little better. In each Joomla Tuesday presentation, we overview:

  • short history of Joomla
  • introduction to the community
  • who’s using Joomla?
  • reviewing resources for support
  • tutorial on basic administration
  • users’ questions…answered

Future Joomla Tuesdays will be focusing on more narrowly-targeted areas, like:

  • building online communities
  • blogging
  • integrating Joomla with other systems
  • templating
  • online advocacy

For this week’s session, we give many thanks to Aspiration and their new Non-Profit Technology Center in San Francisco.

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