Joomla Tuesday SF wrap-up – August 8, 2006

Our first Joomla Tuesday on the west coast went great today, with a terrific turn-out, and lots of help from our friends at Aspiration Tech and Radical Designs. Meanwhile, the mean streets of San Francisco didn’t make it too easy to park a mid-sized car. After leaving Tahoe at 4am to get down to the City, I was hoping for that parking spot found in the first 5 minutes of looking. Nice try. I think I’ll take MUNI to the next SF Joomla Tuesday.

It’s always nice having a good diversity of individuals attending Joomla Tuesday, including end-users, consultants, and developers, and today’s session in SF was no exception. This variety provides us great questions to answer, and good initial feedback from people of different backgrounds, all of which help us better deliver Joomla to non-profits.

Big pat on the back to David Taylor, who in a pinch was able to get us a 21 inch CRT when I realized I didn’t have a projector for my presentation!

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