LinuxWorld SF – Day 1

As LinuxWorld San Francisco gets ready to take off, the Joomla team and I spent the day fighting for good booth space, popping up a wifi spot, grabbing some drinks in Pacific Heights, and generally getting ready for the mayhem to begin.

Ryan at LinuxWorld

It all started in just another foggy San Francisco morning. I rolled up in my girlfriend’s silver Jetta, and met my new friends, Johan and Louis, standing out in front of the Moscone Center. There’s nothing better than the Internet and open source giving you a sense of trust and confidence to drop off $700 worth of equipment with people you’ve never met in person before.

We settled into booth #14, somewhere behind the giant corporate booths, and facing the back of the conference in the .org Pavillion.

We weren’t going to settle for that.

After Johan noticed that our booth should have been located elsewhere, he immediately went to the confernece leaders and let them know that Joomla doesn’t face any walls. We shine front and center.

And that’s where we got positioned, right in the middle of the entrance to the .org Pavillion and the Slashdot Lounge. Nice work Johan. Joomla's booth setup at LinuxWorld SF 2006

Meanwhile, Louis immediately setup our wireless Internet access, giving us full reign of terror on the LinuxWorld, well, world. I guess it was less terror, and more of an “open for business”, because it wasn’t long before we had our first visitor.

Now, I should note that today was not a day that the floor was open for visitors. In fact, we were one of the only booths set up at the .org Pavillion. Of course, the Joomla users come in all shapes and sizes, and one of the corporate booths, Openbravo, had a Joomla question, and soon after, Johan and Louis came in to lend a helping hand.

Johan lends a helping hand.

After doing his good deed for the day, Johan joined Louis and I for a little tour of San Francisco, cruising down the Embarcadero, checking out the bay, and then topping off the essential tour of SF with the beautiful view from the Marina Green.

Johan snaps a photo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

After snapping all the photos, it was time to grab some food and drinks, so we cruised up to Pacific Heights and hit up Harry’s Bar on Filmore. We talked some shop, visions of Joomla 2.0, etc. Just another day in Joomla world.

We’ll have more tomorrow from LinuxWorld, including:

  • Joomla booth Webcam
  • Test drives
  • Joomla booth bar?

Come join us!

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