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Good StormSo alot of exciting stuff has been happening around here at PICnet. I have worked with the Good Storm developers to create a new Joomla module for MeCommerce. It will allow you to easily install and create MeCommerce modules in your Joomla site, rather than copying and pasting the Javascript code from the Good Storm MeCommerce module to Joomla.

We are providing this module as GPL so it will soon be available to download both at and the Joomla Forge repository.

In addition, we are considering building a full MeCommerce component for our Non-Profit Soapbox (Joomla) system, that will allow organizations not only to create a little widget module, but also give them the ability to search for any products they’d like. The goal behind this is to have supporters do “care-based shopping”, whereby they can purchase almost any DVD, CD, or book they’d like online, and have their organization of choice get a partial proceed of the sale. This could add a good stream of passive revenue for cash-strapped organizations.

More details on this, and fuller integration with the rising Non-Profit Soapbox system are coming soon.

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  1. Thanks a lot and a big shout out to all of the Joomla folks! If you need more information and help, don’t hesitate to reach out to: jeff (at) goodstorm com. We have more last minute additions to the API.



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