A shout out to our friends at Pair Networks

Pair NetworksSince PICnet started in 2001, we’ve been using Pair Networks as our shared hosting provider of choice for all our clients. Their staff is amazingly knowledgeable, friendly, and provides immediate support to us tech people. Today, they continued to shine for us.

One of our clients had a completely miserable hosting provider (very large provider that shall remain nameless), and trying to get tech support to figure out what was wrong with their database server took an act of God. Then, when you got tech support, they read off a script, and had about 10 different logins for us to tell them. At the end of the day, the client’s hosting has been in disarray for years with this provider, and they needed to cut fast.

A quick sign-up with Pair, and a nice email to their sales line (I think they know who we are by now), and we were up and running with a new account in less than 15 minutes, with the full connections we needed (SSH, not just Telnet, and all the databases and disk space the client could use).

Pair, if you’re reading this, thanks for 6 years of awesome support! We always recommend them to other organizations looking to find reliable hosting with a friendly, and reliable, support staff. And tech people, their staff are extremely knowledgeable and actually know what they’re talking about (I know, hard to believe, right).

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