Young Americans Fund Launches, Engages Young People in US Politics

Young Americans FundThis morning the Young Americans Fund, a Non-Profit Soapbox client, launched their Web site in an effort to better engage young people in US politics. Headquartered in Vermont, the organization aims to show the relevance of politics in the lives and futures of the youth generation. As they write:

“The future may seem a long way off for young Americans, but decisions that will determine our quality of life as adults are being made today. The time is now to challenge the short-sighted policies of our elected officials and demand serious change.”

“The Young Americans Fund uses the political process to focus attention on the issues that will shape the world in which we and future generations must live. Learn more about how your elected representatives voted on the issues that matter most for young Americans by clicking on our Congressional Scorecard.”

Many thanks to April and our friends at Democracy in Action on their efforts to provide the scorecard and database for this new site.

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