Forcing mosCE to not show template background color in WYSIWYG editor

JCE EditorLet’s say you’ve got a beautiful template that you’ve created, and it has a bright orange background. Of course, the text area itself is white, but the body tag has a background color of orange associated with it. Well, if you want to use the mosCE editor for Joomla (our favorite editor by far, and its younger brother JCE), and you want your administrators to be able to use the custom styles in the dropdown menu provided in the mosCE toolbar, you need to tell mosCE configuration to not override your template’s CSS.

This is problematic though, because now mosCE is going to make your WYSIWYG background the same color of the body tag in your template: bright orange! Before your administrator goes crazy trying to type white text on an orange background, PICnetter Chris Garvis found an awesome solution: add the following to your template_css.css file:

/* Style of mosCE editor */ body.mceContentBody { background-color: #FFFFFF !important; background-image: none; }

Viola, your editor now has a nice white background to drop your text on.

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