Understanding Joomla templates functions

There comes a time when your designer decides its time to dive into learning Joomla templates. One of the things that will likely confuse any designer right away is understanding what options are available for loading content into the template. Below is a handy reference list of all the functions available to designers.

  • mosLoadComponent
  • mosCountModules
  • mosLoadModules
  • mosShowHead
  • mosMainBody

Now these functions are good to know, but what’s even more confusing is figuring out how the modules you embed in your template will be displayed. For this, look no further than the Joomla help manual. The different parameters for displaying module can be found in the help manual and below.

Take this: mosLoadModules( $position_name [, $style] )

…and add the following in place of $style:

  • 0 = (default display) Modules are displayed in a column.
  • 1 = Modules are displayed horizontally. Each module is output in the cell of a wrapper table.
  • -1 = Modules are displayed as raw output and without titles.
  • -2 = Modules are displayed in X-Joomla format.
  • -3 = Modules are displayed in a format that allows, for example, stretchable rounded corners.

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