JCE with no Scrollbars

If you ever want to get no scrollbars in JCE, mosCE, or tinyMCE for just IE then add “overflow:hidden;” to your template’s css for the body tag.  I don’t know why you would want that but we didn’t.  For whatever reason, a client of ours had this in their template and we couldn’t get scrollbars.  It baffled us.  We talked to the creator of JCE, searched the JCE forums, Joomla forums, and googled the hell out of it.  No answer.  So we decided that we should post on the Joomla! forum and hope for the best.  12 days later and our prayers where answered.  dartheide was kind of enough to post his fix.  Just goes to show you the importance of a good community. God I love open-source.

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  1. Cheers for that – your tip saved me hours of debugging.

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