Center for Public Integrity launches site covering land initiatives for 2006 election

The latest Non-Profit Soapbox site to launch is the Center for Public Integrity’s Takings Initiative Accountability Project. This site was built in conjunction with the fantastic design team at Free Range Studios. Takings Initiative Accountability ProjectTo learn more about what’s at stake in at least 5 western states, and the power that one very wealthy individual can have on our society and politics, we highly recommend you check out this site (especially all you left coasters!).

More details on the project’s goals below, as quoted from their Web site.

On November 7, 2006, ballot initiatives that seek to restrict “regulatory takings” will be put to voters in at least four Western states: Arizona, California, Idaho, and Washington. Although the potential impact of these initiatives is far-reaching — all would generally require landowners to be compensated for government regulations that reduce property value — citizens and journalists in these states might not know who’s underwriting the multimillion-dollar campaigns to promote and pass them.

Through its Takings Initiatives Accountability Project, the Center for Public Integrity aims to exhaustively investigate the ideological and financial interests behind these ballot measures and to make the findings of its research and reporting available to others as soon as is practicable.

The overarching rationale for this project is to allow citizens in those states and elsewhere to assess not only the substance and potential impact of the takings initiatives but also to report on who’s bankrolling these measures, and why, as well as who’s opposing them, and why. In this way, the Center hopes to uniquely contribute to a better-informed electorate and news media in the important but narrow window before the November 7 elections.

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