Word on the Hill

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to meet with a Congressional Office on Capitol Hill to discuss some ideas on renewing their official website. I met with some keen and idealistic staff members in a small office in the Canon House Office Building. During the hour-long meeting, there were many questions at hand – “How to best deliver the Congressman’s services to his constituents?”, “How to make this online effort citizen-centric?”, “How can PICnet help?”.

On my subway ride back to PICnet’s downtown DC office, I realized that PICnet had built a strong and unique reputation on the Hill of being a reputable, reliable, and honest firm. And that we were fortunate to engage in such conversation with in the political hotspot of this country.

While my fellow PICnetters and I find ourselves lost in our cubicles trying to seek goals that are greater than ourselves, it is my job as a project manager, to pause and pat ourselves on the back. Why would I blog otherwise?

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