Should I use tables or divs

DivsI’ve been converting designs to Joomla templates for a lot of clients lately, and one question I’ve gotten from designers is whether to use tables or divs? We all know about the standards push for a pure CSS layout in our sites but currently there is no avoiding the dreaded tables in Joomla. Sure you can switch the output layout for modules but most components just don’t offer that option. So, what’s a designer to do?

Like most of the Joomla community we like to leave that up to the designer. After all, like some stop signs, that standard is just a recommendation, right? (PICnet does not advocate running stop signs) CSS layout is a great idea but there are some myths right now concerning accessibility and search engine optimization. It is still possible with tables to be 508 compliant and Google will not ignore the web site.

So for now, until the Joomla core is upgraded, don’t lose sleep over tables in your template. They’re going to show up in your output anyway.

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  1. Ryan Ozimek

    Hopefully now with Joomla 1.5 out, we’ll be able to see less markup in the output…maybe.

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