Joomla friends from across the pond help in a pinch

JoomlashackThere are many reasons to like Joomla, but probably none more persuasive than the power and friendliness of the community itself. Tonight, after many many hours of Pradeep and I trying to crack a problem we’re having with mass uploading users for a client of ours, I decided to reach out to my good buddy from the LinuxWorld SF conference, Waseem.

Waseem came through in style.

From a basic question on the problem we’ve been facing, our friend from Joomlashack got some added advice from ‘shacker Dean, and within a few minutes, they’d helped me find two more solutions to our problem that we hadn’t found in more than four days of research.

For those looking for some user import options, there’s:

My advice to Joomla users: buy from Joomlashack. Knowledgeable, smart, and funny guys; we at PICnet like doing business with them.

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  1. Barrie North says:

    You’re most welcome Ryan!

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