How Joomla 1.5 beta changes civil society

Joomla 1.5 BetaAlright, maybe alone Joomla 1.5 beta doesn’t really change civil society, but it does give us hope. I’ve seen this Joomla team go through a rollercoaster of a year. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was trying to go to my weekly softball game (go Cozimeks!), when I got news from Brian Teeman that the Mambo – Joomla split was happening. Nice to see my “renegade developers” Slashdot story is still up. That produces some good old cowboy imagery, doesn’t it? Well, in what’s barely been a year, the new team of trailblazers, lead by Johan Janssens, has produced a beta delivery that I believe will really turn up the creative juice in our community. And when I say community, I mean both our non-profit community, as well as the Joomla community.

I hope that through the beta review process, the entire Joomla community is able to contribute their comments as passionately as I and about 100 dedicated Joomla community members have done up to this point. Our work and comments have been hidden in corners of the community that average users don’t normally tread, but now I hope that the similar discussions (without the flames) brew in the coming weeks.

Thanks to Johan and Louis for your leadership in this 1.5 beta. Here’s to an enlightening feedback process!

P.S.: Johan, did you get Joomlasphere from my incessant blogosphere comments at LinuxWorld SF? =)

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6 Responses to “How Joomla 1.5 beta changes civil society”

  1. Nope, ‘Joomlasphere’ was a creation of our marketing an media working group, lead by marketing mastermind Peter Russell. But granted you where first and it seems your are still flying very high ;)

  2. ibnhafsun says:

    May be you´re right and we are living a civil society change. If you take a look at the new development cycle we have two community inputs: setting goals and testing and documenting.

    It´s time for open source democracy, not just technocracy, where simple community members would play an important role.

  3. Amy Stephen says:

    Nicely put, as usual Ryan! Excellent work Johan, Louis (of course!) and all of the other core team members! Your blog gets nicer all of the time, Ryan, I always learn something during my visits. All – keep up the good work!

  4. Ryan Ozimek

    Johan, is that you down there on earth? I’m up here in the blogosphere, and see that the Joomlasphere is racing towards me!

  5. @Ryan : u got that right, we will be joining u soonish.

    @ibnhafsun : The community input on the roadmap is input from the wider community. The other development phases are driven by the different community contributors who are part of the many working groups. If u wanna play a more decisive role in the project, u can join up in one of the working groups.

  6. Marko says:

    Finally! This be like waiting child 9 months past due. First Joomla with no more playing Mambo renamed. Good good news.

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