Joomla wins best open source project at UK LinuxWorld, again!

Joomla leadership accepts award for best open source project.Barely one year after its start, Joomla once again has won the UK LinuxWorld’s award for best open source project. The achievement is a major victory for Johan and Louis, development leaders for the project, and a victory for the community which has grown dramatically after its start in August 2006.

When they’re not coding, these guys clean up well in their tuxes.

Obviously, we at PICnet have been big supporters not just of the lead developers, but also of the community, which is second to none in the open source world. We’re proud of this achievement, and look forward to continuing to contribute to this wonderful project.

Congratulations to the core team and the community, job well done. We’d highly recommend you take a second to Digg this: Digg It!

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One Response to “Joomla wins best open source project at UK LinuxWorld, again!”

  1. ibnhafsun says:

    They look great, lol. Hopefuly we are going to see them impeccably dressed from time to time!

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