Zaadz: MySpace for the do-gooder set

ZaadzAt this week’s Not-for-Profit Webmaster Round Table, hosted by the illustrious David Milner from the Rainforest Alliance, I learned that MySpace is not just for teenagers anymore. In fact, some nonprofits have set up profiles on the site and staked out some territory among the frat boys and prom queens. There are problems, of course; you should choose your “friends” carefully; and it doesn’t make much sense that the site requires profiles to have an age and a gender. For instance, why is the Worthy Causes Foundation a 29-year-old female?

But the benefits so far seem likely to outweigh the risks. The Rainforest Alliance itself has a MySpace profile, and has collected more than 100 friends (although the World Wildlife Foundation seems the current belle of the MySpace ball — it’s MySpace profile features more friends than there are wild Pandas still roaming the earth).

But the feel of the MySpace — it’s still mostly about teens and music — is liable to turn some nonprofits off.

Enter to fill the niche. Zaadz is a social networking site for the do-gooder set. It has a distinct new-age feel, as a quick look at its most popular quote topics will indicate. But the site only allows individuals or organizations to join if they can explain “how [they're] committed to being the change.”

It’s got to be a better fit for most nonprofits. Check it out. And let us know how it works out.

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  1. ~C4Chaos says:

    thanks for the shout out :) yep. we’re looking into working with non-profit and other conscious organizations soon. keep on watching. see you around.


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