First Tuesday of November

Next Tuesday, November 7, 2006, the United States of America will conduct its mid-term elections, putting all the seats on the House of Representatives (Lower House) and certain seats on the Senate (Upper House) up for re-election. At this critical juncture, there is a large possibility for the Republican party to loose its majority in these houses to the left-leaning Democratic Party.

Rock the Vote, a non-profit organization, engages in registering Americans to vote and was successful in registering 1.4 million citizens in the 2004. This year, Rock the Vote, worked with Google Inc., to produce the US Election Guide as a layer on Google Earth, showing US Congressional Districts and the candidates running for these seats. It also provides you with “news, web, and photo searches” via Google. Read more on Google’s blog.

Download Google Earth to figure out where you and your friends can go to vote in America.

Image Source: Rock the Vote

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