Buy this book and turn to page 173

Policy and Politics book coverHemingway. Twain. Thoreau. Ozimek.

Finally, after more than a year of preparation, the 5th edition of the Policy and Politics in Nursing and Health Care recently arrived at the PICnet office in DC last week with the poetic writings of yours truly. That’s right, they even were kind enough to put my MPP after my name, something my doctor friends are sure to look at with disapproval.

I had an opportunity to pen a chapter on distributed campaigns, something I’ve been very keen on discussing with anyone willing to listen over the past 3 years. Covering everything from the Deanspace phenomenon to the services of our friends at Democracy in Action (that’s right DIA, you’re in a textbook now), I outline the fundamentals of a online advocacy campaign.

With book companies offering up Clinton-like advances now, I probably won’t have much time to talk if you call with your own critique on the work; however, don’t let that stop you from buying the book. Buy it, turn to page 173, and enjoy. Then, read the rest of the book of course, lots of smart people came together to compile some amazing materials.

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