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Salesforce.comSomeone had to step up and do it, so PICnet is doing it. We’re bringing a fully connected component to the Joomla community, and should have a beta version ready for download by the middle of January 2007.

The goal here is to build a strong framework that future developers (including ourselves in our Non-Profit Soapbox system) can continue to extend. For instance, our J!Salesforce component will allow Joomla site visitors to input their contact information in Salesforce through Joomla, using a simple form. Then, when a visitor returns to the Web site, they can login using the Joomla login form, be authenticated against, and then be able to edit their contact information in Salesforce securely.

Pretty darn powerful.

We’re proud to be the first ones developing this connection for the Joomla community, and look forward to working with the Salesforce Foundation to help spread the good word to our non-profit users. Don’t worry business users, we’ve got something in store for you too.

We should be rolling out a roadmap to the development of this component, as well as add-ons for J!Salesforce at the end of December 2006. What would be nice is to hear from the community as to what users and developers would like to have this integration piece do for them, so we can make sure we’re meeting the needs of the community.

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Our friends at One/NW released something similar for Plone with the help of Enfold Systems and a nice grant from Salesforce Foundation. For our version of it, we’re looking to really expand beyond just the integration and develop a full suite of tools that users can access directly from their Joomla installations.

Speak up, let us know what you’d like to see in J!Salesforce.

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20 Responses to “ coming soon to Joomla – J!Salesforce”

  1. This is incredibly exciting. What an incredibly powerful combination Joomla and Salesforce will make for nonprofits…

  2. Tom Vu says:

    This is a component that will be widely used. I am in need of such a component to allow for easier design of SSO and site wide sync registration all across our Joomla sites.

    I am excited about this new development and would like to learn more about its roadmap and functionalities. I’m sure a component like this will be higly useful in the Joomla community while built on top of it as it evolves with other contributing members….

  3. dale fowler says:

    I am eagerly awaiting this component as well! Please tell us something!

  4. Ryan Ozimek

    The J!Salesforce component has gone through a few rounds of beta testing (we don’t like releasing work that, well, doesn’t work) and we should be ready to release this shortly. If you’re interested in receiving an email when it’s ready to be distributed, please send an email to info {[at] picnet . net, with the subject line “Give me J!Salesforce”


  5. Please include me on any updates! :)

  6. This is probably off topic, but I have a real need to be filled and love both Joomla and I am planning on building a large sales force and would love to provide all with sales persons withJoomla sites that provide standard templates corporate makes available and has some control over that are modifiable by each salesperson utilizing pre-determined company specific templates. In addition, forms submitted on those individual sites are capable of uploading that date into

    It’s just a plan in my head that isn’t really for a non-profit, but it does have potential. Please send me an e-mail if you think I am on to something or can make it work.

  7. warren lester says:

    I would love to get my hands on this as soon as possible.

  8. S Padilla says:

    Is this available yet? I am dying over here! :)

  9. This sounds like a tremendously exciting component and can’t wait for a release. Would love to be kept updated about it.

  10. You can already do this with Jitterbit…

  11. Jerry Ross says:

    Any word on the progress of this project? We are currently developing a website for a client that needs to be able to talk with SalesForce. So we are intently awaiting more news on this Joomla + SalesForce venture.

  12. sungoddess says:

    Any word… have heard nothing more on this, and not seen a component release.

  13. Pete says:

    SERIOUSLY!!! A quick comment saying “sorry, this project is delayed” would suffice… :(

  14. Ryan Ozimek

    Hi everyone,

    I’m sorry for the delayed responses on this thread, but we do appreciate the excitement. When Joomla 1.5 was in the works, we had to make a shift from the 1.0.x framework to 1.5. Then, we realized that there would be great productivity gain in moving to PHP5 standard from the PHP4 we’d be using before as well (thanks to SOAP built in).

    Then of course, growth hit us fast. We tripled our staff in just 6 months, and 2007 was a stellar year. We had hoped to be much further along here, but as the requests for new features grew, the time we had to work on it went down.

    All this said, we’ve been integrating this first into Non-Profit Soapbox, and then distributing under the GPL afterwards to the larger community. We’ll keep you posted as we have more to share.

    Best, Ryan

  15. tomvanvu says:

    This is going to be one exciting capability. Anyword on a roadmap or functionality feature set or when the beta will be released?

  16. Ryan Ozimek

    Hi Tom,

    This will be a sort of keychain for building future applications within Joomla that will integrate with Salesforce. We’re hoping to have the J1.5 version released soon, and have just finished our first round of internal engineering review. While we don’t have a roadmap for this, we hope to have the first basic features of interacting with Salesforce via the Joomla CMS within the next few months.

    Best, Ryan

  17. aspagarino says:

    I am working for a non-profit and we would love to implement a Salesforce integration… or Sugar Sales. I understand that sometimes it takes time but another update would be fantastic!

  18. n00m44d says:

    Ryan, I am exited to test this version! I am waiting :)


  19. Ryan Ozimek

    We’re excited to announce that our J!Salesforce is now included in our Soapbox offering! Learn more in our blog post from today. And, until November 30, 2009, the add-on will be free for new Soapbox organizations and businesses!

  20. Ryan Ozimek

    I’m happy to share that J!Salesforce is now available for purchase and download at! Additionally, we’ve recently added some demo videos on the product’s page to help you better understand how the software integrates Joomla and Salesforce. Enjoy!

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