J!Salesforce now pulling and posting data natively through Joomla

Salesforce.comFirst, I need to point out to the world that I am simply the messenger of all this wonderful news we have about the Salesforce.comJoomla integration. Our lead developer on this, Kevin Devine, has put long nights and sweat into what is shaping to be a fantastic contribution to the open source community.

Now that all your thank you messages are pointed in the right direction, let me give an update as to what Kevin’s got cooking. Two days ago we were successfully able to push/pull data to/from Joomla and Salesforce. This means that we can now display data from Salesforce directly in Joomla, and then edit that data via forms in Joomla back into Salesforce. It all happens rather quickly, which is a little surprising since the data has to go back and forth between two servers in completely different parts of the US.

Dynamic display of layout features

Today Kevin just hit another major milestone. Now we’re able to bring in form fields from Salesforce following the layout rules prescribed within Salesforce. For instance, say in your Salesforce layout you have a dropdown list for a contact’s suffix. Now without any hassle you can have Joomla directly display that dropdown populated properly from Salesforce.

Pretty darn cool.

Custom fields, no problem

Just to top off a great week, Kevin has also been able to easily bring over custom fields, which are fields that are not in the standard contacts table in Salesforce. Say you want to track a client’s favorite flavor of ice cream. That’s not a field standard in the Salesforce contacts table, but you can extend that table using a custom field for it (and that field can be of any type – dropdown, textarea, etc – and then display it Joomla lickety-split.

Three cheers to Kevin on an awesome week, and here’s to more exciting developments next week! Keep your comments coming, we’re all ears to your ideas to what you want this component to do for your Joomla sites.

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15 Responses to “J!Salesforce now pulling and posting data natively through Joomla”

  1. kurt carter says:

    Hi there,

    wow, this sounds awesome.

    please let me know when this will be ready. we’re big salesforce users so this would provide a very helpful way to tie our contacts into our website.



  2. Blake Moore says:

    WOW! Ive been looking for a good crm solution for our company and want a seamless integration with joomla as that is my cms of choice. You are on the path to creating exactly what i have been dreaming of! I cant wait to see where this goes!

  3. Dave Torre says:

    Several of our customers would be interested in this right away. This is very exciting news.

  4. Sue Gaines says:

    Wonderful news. I’m looking forward to this tool very much. Does the methodology involved in this integration prevent the form bot “hijacking” that is becoming such a problem?

  5. DHL says:

    Is there any update to this ? Where can I go and test this wonderful integration?

  6. Is this still in development?

  7. Peter says:

    It seems to me that this is just one big HOAX.

  8. Guazoriatraum says:

    Hi there, Is everything fine? Any news?

    —————— diet

  9. uh calendar says:

    …uh its 2008 – hows that going for you?

  10. Deanna says:

    Guess it was too good to be true! :(

    Please let us know if there is any new development or at lease some update as to what has happening to this project?

    Thanks :)

  11. Ryan Ozimek

    Hi everyone,

    I’m sorry for the delayed responses on this thread, but we do appreciate the excitement. When Joomla 1.5 was in the works, we had to make a shift from the 1.0.x framework to 1.5. Then, we realized that there would be great productivity gain in moving to PHP5 standard from the PHP4 we’d be using before as well (thanks to SOAP built in).

    Then of course, growth hit us fast. We tripled our staff in just 6 months, and 2007 was a stellar year. We had hoped to be much further along here, but as the requests for new features grew, the time we had to work on it went down.

    All this said, we’ve been integrating this first into Non-Profit Soapbox, and then distributing under the GPL afterwards to the larger community. We’ll keep you posted as we have more to share.

    Best, Ryan

  12. aspagarino says:

    I also have a non-profit organization ready for this integration!

    Joomla! or Drupal integrating to any powerful CRM like Salesforce or even Sugar CRM is a plus

  13. stateoftheheart says:

    Any updates on this? Kinda premature to have a press release saying that this is going to happen, then over a year later nothing. Do you need funding?

  14. nate says:

    I am anxiously waiting for this component. Has it died on the vine or should be expect to see a release soon?

  15. Ryan Ozimek


    Thanks for asking for an update…I think I caught up on all our posts except this one. We recently posted something on our blog about our latest update, and we’re happy to say that it’s in a stage in which we’re able to provide it as a service in our Non-Profit Soapbox services at this point. We’re still working on a stand-alone distribution, but that’s something we’re continuing to develop for quality assurance.

    Best, Ryan

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