Kuler makes life easy for the color illiterate

Color paletteIf there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a color-picker. Ask my co-workers, ask my girlfriend. I’m just not good with matching colors.

Thankfully, life has been made much better for the color-impaired like myself now that Adobe has released Kuler.

Essentially, Kuler is your online interior decorator, multiplied by 1,620 (the current number of users submitting color sets). Let’s say you’re looking to bring some winter color themes to your Web site, but have no idea what colors to choose. Just go to the Kuler site, search for “winter”, and viola, you’ll find 25 user-submitted color palettes for your winter blues.

Color match, crossed with ease-of-use, crossed with user-generated color palettes equal happy wannabe design gurus.

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