PICnetters spend time with friends and family over holidays

Holiday dinnerThere’s one thing that trumps nearly everything we do here at PICnet: family. When the holidays come around, our office has a mandatory “spend time with your family” policy, that ensures our PICnetters soak up all the eggnog with distant relatives that they can handle.

It seems that our generation of business leaders are realizing that time with family is more important than time at work, and we PICnetters believe it. An interesting USA Today article entitled, “The family first generation,” points out the generational differences that seem to strike a chord with us.

This year, PICnet will be running a minimized office from December 26, 2006 through January 2, 2007. While most of our clients have already been informed of this schedule change, we hope this notice, and emails from your PICnet account manager will provide a good reminder.

Meanwhile, in case of emergency, you’ll still be able to email or call your account manager, and make sure that emergencies are still addressed immediately.

We wish you and yours a happy, family-first, holiday season.

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