and Joomla now speak the same language

Salesforce.comIn our continuing efforts to bring you breaking news from the Joomla – integration front (humbly known as J!Salesforce), we’re pleased to report that our master J!Salesforce developer Kevin has made a few more breakthroughs that should make developers’ hearts skip.

Basic use-case proven: member directory

One of the basic use-cases we had to achieve was to display a basic member directory system, that allows visitors to search for members in the Salesforce database based on any of the variables the site’s administrators allow searching within. We now are able to have three basic views for this directory:

  • search
  • search results
  • detailed view of a record

Best part about all this: it’s pretty quick! Even though we’ve got the system pinging Salesforce a few times, the roundtrips for data retrieval are very tolerable. I’m sure the bigger your database, the longer it might take, but it’s pretty quick in our development test bed.

Create new user in Joomla and contact in Salesforce at registration

Another big hurdle leaped over by Kevin last week was the ability to make a seamless registration system for Joomla and Salesforce. When someone signs up to be a member on your site, or to be added to your organization’s rolls as a volunteer or donor, J!Salesforce immediately adds them as a user in Joomla and a contact in Salesforce.

This one step alone will save countless hours for administrators that are fed up with having their Joomla site and CRM user managers out of sync, and hopefully keep hair on the heads of development directors that are sick and tired of missing the connection.

Goals for this week

With all this great work going on, we’re gearing up to let the non-profit world know about what’s about to be released in early January. We’re keeping in touch with our friends at the Salesforce Foundation, and we’re hoping to work closely with Salesforce to help spread the word through either their AppExchange or other online collaboration tools.

Meanwhile, on the development side, Kevin will be continuing to clean up the front-end and build some developer guidelines, so when we release it, we’ll be able to make life easier (not harder) for our developer friends.

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6 Responses to “ and Joomla now speak the same language”

  1. I am incredibly excited to see this rolled out to the nonprofit user community in 07! This is a whole new level for nonprofits to increase engaged with their constituencies, as well as facilitating networking amongst stakeholders. Joomla and, a great match for the nonprofit sector!

  2. Fifedog says:

    Is there any new developments?

  3. Josh Hartnick says:

    Is there an updated ETA for the release of J!Salesforce?

  4. Ryan Ozimek

    Hi Josh,

    At this time, we’ve run into a few barriers on this project, but we hope to keep working on it and release it sometime this year.

    Best, Ryan

  5. Ryan Ozimek

    We’re excited to announce that our J!Salesforce is now included in our Soapbox offering! Learn more in our blog post from today. And, until November 30, 2009, the add-on will be free for new Soapbox organizations and businesses!

  6. Ryan Ozimek

    I’m happy to share that J!Salesforce is now available for purchase and download at! Additionally, we’ve recently added some demo videos on the product’s page to help you better understand how the software integrates Joomla and Salesforce. Enjoy!

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