Paying a visit to Google with the Joomla team

GoogleSometimes your schedule changes, and you’ve got to rearrange a meeting. Then sometimes you get invited to have lunch and go to Joomla presentations by core team members to a Google developer audience and your day completely changes.

Tomorrow I’ll be attending a few sessions at the Googleplex, led by Joomla team members including Louis Landry, Wilco Jansen, Hannes Papenberg and Laurens Vandeput. Their Google guide for the trip, Leslie Hawthorn, is a wonderful mix of open source developer mom and supporter of everything that leads to happy developers. She’s even talked about the great open source speakers series that they’re having a Google these days, including our Joomla devs.

Throughout tomorrow I’ll do my best to post updates to the blog, including some video and photos of the talks. I’ll also make sure to provide fully detailed reports on the Google cafeteria food, which I promise to eat until fully stuffed.

(Photos and video after the page flip…)

Update: Lunch time at Google

So, when you eat at Google’s Mountain View campus, you’re treated to quite the amazing array of food options. My stomach went a little dizzy with a few plates, orange creme soda, Coke, and well, some other things that hit my tray.

After lunch, we had Louis and Wilco present to a crowd of Google employees about the life of Joomla, its amazing growth, and how Google Summer of Code has helped it become what it is today. Nice to have the support of people like Google!

Update: Summer of Code review by Hannes and Laurens

The rain is still drizzling outside, but inside the Googleplex, Hannes and Laurens are working the crowd with a great overview of Joomla and their Summer of Code experience with Google. One important thing that comes across is the idea that Summer of Code really helps the Joomla (and other open source communities) really find great developers that will then become the next generation of core team developers.

SITEMan is one of the projects that our Joomla members overview. It allows users to manage all the content on the Joomla Web site without needing to be connected to the Internet! This will be a very powerful system for those with high cost Internet connections, as well as those that need to change content on the road. It runs off a Java code base, and runs on both Macs and Window systems.

One of the co-presenters was a wonderful Drupal developer named Angela Byron, who shared her Summer of Code experiences as well.

Update: Some videos and photos from Google

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3 Responses to “Paying a visit to Google with the Joomla team”

  1. kabeza says:

    and put some pics too !!

  2. Ryan Ozimek

    Hey Kabeza,

    Would love to post some photos, but Google’s got a strict policy about photos, unfortunately. Plus, wouldn’t want the other Joomla core devs to be upset seeing Wilco and Louis playing volleyball at Google!


  3. Ryan Ozimek

    Alright, I was able to snap a few photos throughout the day now. Enjoy!

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