Shareholders to Kintera CEO: Out, now!

With Allan from the Non-Profit Tech Blog, the news never closes in the non-profit tech world. Thanks to his late night posting, we’ve learned some interesting news in what is becoming the year of the CRM shakeout.

In what is probably the most scathing review I’ve read of a corporate CEO by shareholders in our sector, especially one in our protected non-profit technology world, a large chunk of Kintera shareholders have politely asked CEO Harry Gruber to see the door.

I use the world “politely” kindly.

“With Mr. Gruber at its helm, Kintera has not demonstrated a sufficient ability to achieve its own projections, to drive operational efficiencies and the integration of acquisitions, to manage a productive salesforce which delivers organic growth, or to even provide a credible estimate for when the Company will be profitable.”

Warning: the graphic after the jump may not be suitable for Kintera shareholders. On the other hand, Blackbaud shareholders should click with glee.

Some might call the following comparison of Kintera and Blackbaud stock over the past few years an apples and oranges comparison. I ask you to be the judge.

Comparing Kintera stock performance to Blackbaud

My thoughts on all of this? Well, I guess I return that with another question: should we start a dead pool for CRM providers for our sector? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

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2 Responses to “Shareholders to Kintera CEO: Out, now!”

  1. blogmighter says:

    Well the first lesson that any sharp CEO would know is to never gloat at rivals because you could always be next. And frankly its just not all that tasteful.

    But, yes, I agree. Wow. Lots of shakeout lately. :)

  2. Ryan Ozimek

    Hi Blogmighter,

    Point well made. I should say, I didn’t meant this posting to “gloat at rivals”, especially because we’re in different technology world than Kintera.

    After two weeks of craziness in the NPO CRM sector, it’s pretty groundbreaking news. Of course, when the shareholders come after this CEO’s head, I’ll have to think this over again. =)


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