Joomla shop opens its doors

Joomla ShopFor quite some time now, Joomla community members have voiced their desire to be able to purchase Joomla products. T-shirts, bumper stickers, baby bibs, you name it, they want it.

Now, they can get it! Well, back t-shirts that is.

Today, the Joomla team announced the opening of the Joomla Store, in partnership with an online merchandise provider called While we’re still strong supporters of our friends at GoodStorm from the looks of this, it seems like the Joomla team has done some great work and due diligence.

“All profits from the shop will go back to the project to further its not-for-profit aims and ambitions,” said Joomla! shop co-ordinator Levis Bisson. “We’ve always welcomed donations from Joomla! users … now there is a way to donate to the project and receive a cool J! T-shirt.”

Now, if only we can get a bunch of these before the Non-Profit Technology Conference on April 4-6, 2007.

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6 Responses to “Joomla shop opens its doors”

  1. Just ordered my T-shirt to go with the license plate ;)

  2. brian teeman says:

    I suspect that the fact the goodstorm do not ship outside of the US was a bit if a problem

  3. Ryan Ozimek


    I didn’t realize that GoodStorm didn’t ship outside the US. Darn it!


  4. brian teeman says:

    Yes there are places that dont live under a bush ;)

  5. You need shirts for the Non-Profit Technology Conference ? No probs, let us know how many you need and what sizes we will ship them right to your frontdoor ;)

  6. Ryan Ozimek


    Thanks for the offer. I’ll make sure to get in touch with you to get ready for the big Joomla appearance by our team at the Non-Profit Technology Conference, April 4-6.

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