Soapbox client lands on homepage of CS Monitor

When a Non-Profit Soapbox client gets an intro like this from a media outlet, it’s great:

When the subject is the environment, Diane MacEachern has long been ahead of the times. Thirty years ago, she earned a master’s degree in natural resources and the environment. And 20 years ago she helped design and build the energy-efficient house in the Washington, D.C., area where she and her family live.

Now she hopes to be in the vanguard again. Next week she is launching a national campaign and a website,, urging women to shift at least $1,000 of their annual household spending to green products. On average, people spend $18,000 a year on groceries and household goods.

When you wake up to find it lands on the homepage of the CS Monitor, it’s amazing!

A greener planet begins under the kitchen sink

Congrats to Diane MacEachern for all her hard work in helping women make this world a better place.

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