Joomla!Day USA West Registration Opens

Joomla!Day USA West LogoWe’ve finally been able to get our registration system up and running for Joomla!Day USA West today, and while there’s still some glitches (we’re on it!) you can successfully register for the event now.

Register at the Joomla Day USA Web site

We’re really excited to see everyone there, but remember, attendance is limited to the first 125 registrants.

Thanks to everyone who’s helped in the promotion of this day (especially Peter Russell), and all the help from my fellow PICnetters to make this a reality. Additionally, kudos to our friends at Aspiration for providing their facilitating skills! Looking forward to seeing you all at the un-conference.

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3 Responses to “Joomla!Day USA West Registration Opens”

  1. Amy Stephen says:

    Glad to see registration open. I have been worried since there are only three weeks left and people might need plane and hotel reservations. ;)

    BTW – where has this been promoted other than the website and the Joomla! post? What can we, in the US community, do to help promote this event? Or, do you all have it covered?

    Best of luck! Hope you are able to fill the 125 spots! This is so important, IMO, to kick off the US events with a bang!

  2. Ryan Ozimek

    This has been promoted on the official site, and you can feel free to post anywhere else you’d like. After 1 hour on the homepage, we’ve already received 20 registrations, so I don’t think there’s going to be any problem filling spots.

    I think we’ve got everything covered for now, but thank you for any cross-site promotion you might be able to do!

    Best, Ryan

  3. Amy Stephen says:

    Great! I hope you turn away as many as you can accommodate (and that Leslie will then find you more room!)

    I did go ahead and blog it even though it sounds like more publicity is not needed.

    Have a great time with the community. It should be a very productive time for Joomla!.

    All the best, Ryan – thanks for your work with the OSM board, too. Much appreciated.

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