jetBlue steals more of my sleep

I’m quite the frequent flier, and jetBlue gets the lion’s share of my mileage.  Ok, pretty much all of it.  I take the last flight out of Washington Dulles at around 9pm ET, and then take the red-eye out of Oakland on the flight to DC.

All was fine until jetBlue recent changed their schedule, pushing me back to a flight that leaves OAK at midnight (3am ET)!  Now, I get the joy of arriving at 8:05am ET, just minutes before a Washington Flyer bus leaves for West Falls Church making me wait 40 minutes for the next bus.

JetBlue's Flight #318

Why, oh why jetBlue, must you steal my sleep?  The Hollywood stars get to take a more decent 9:45pm flight to Dulles, but we Nor Cal folks get stuck with this crazy new schedule?

PICnet DC can expect a cranky Ryan on arrivals from the West coast.

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One Response to “jetBlue steals more of my sleep”

  1. Jason Z. says:

    Airline travel = horrible.

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