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Tomorrow through Wednesday I’ll be joining quite an esteemed list of non-profit technologists at the Nonprofit Roadmap Summit, June 4-6, in San Mateo, CA. I’m eager to see how successful this crew can be at helping shape the roadmap for the non-profit template, and even more eager to see if this model can be replicated for our Non-Profit Soapbox. This is truly a unique opportunity to shape the future of a major application for our sector.

In our effort to build bridges in the non-profit tech community, we’ve been keen on the development and delivery models of’s Non-Profit template. Essentially, think the power of customized for the needs of non-profits.

Well, kinda.

Steve Wright and the rest of the gang at the Foundation have led a tremendous effort to aid non-profits in their missions by providing a customized solution with donated licenses of Salesforce. I led a great session on at the recent Non-Profit Technology Conference, and I was happy to hear that the community strongly supported Salesforce’s efforts, and was eager to provide feedback.

Now Salesforce seems to have taken active listening to the next level, and I think that this summit will provide the community and Salesforce with a win-win.

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