NPO consultants can’t afford the systems they deploy

Salesforce.comWith all the great discussions happening at the Non-Profit Summit this week, there’s one ironic point that I think many of us “for-some-profit” consultants face in the sector: the solution we provide to our clients is well outside our own budgets as small businesses.

Even more ironic, we at PICnet use the open source SugarCRM to have heavy access to the CRM’s API. This is something we couldn’t do with for less than, gulp, thousands of dollars a year.

It’s funny being priced out of the chance to eat your own dog food, especially since we’re heavily focused on building bridges between the Joomla and Salesforce platforms. I’m not sure what the solution is, but if non-profits are being provided 10 donated seats to the Enterprise level of, it’s difficult to see how those other than the largest consulting firms working with the large end of the non-profit marketplace will be able to afford the same level of Salesforce that they deploy to our sector.

I’m not sure what could be done to help make these tools more affordable, I just needed to get this irony off my chest as I simultaneously continue to applaud the Salesforce Foundation for all its hard work.

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  1. Yeah, it’s an interesting dilemma you’re in. It sure would be cool if you could get some sort of discount because of the cool work you’re doing. It really leverages the work of the foundation and a free Enterprise license or two would be a great recognition of that. We’re a nonprofit so we get Enterprise Edition donated. I’ve learned a ton solving our daily CRM needs, and I’ve been able to transfer than knowledge to nonprofit customers. Hope you can experience the same!

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