Handling Multiple GMail Accounts

Last week I made the leap to Google Apps and I’m loving every minute of it. Having all my email in GMail is saving me so much time. Problem I ran into was monitoring over 6 emails through GMail. You could sign-in to each email and check, but who wants to do that. Or you could have multiple tabs open, but thats gets so cluttered. Solution? GMail Manager. Its a Firefox Add-on just like GMail Notifier but allows for multiple GMail accounts. Definitely in my top 5 Firefox Add-ons.

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  1. Hi, Ryan – I tried the Manager add-in and ditched it, because, even though it helped with the notification, it still was confusing working out of three separate accounts. Here’s what I do with three GMail accounts (gmail, techcafeteria, knitgroup):

    1. gmail account is the primary account. Set up techcafeteria and knitgroup to forward all messages to gmail.

    2. Set up alternate reply to addresses in gmail account for techcafeteria and knitgroup. Choose the “default reply to address sent to” option.

    This way I’m handling all of my mail from one account. I still organize the mail at the separate places, with rules to automatically label incoming mail from techcafeteria and knitgroup as such.

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