PICnet takes top spot as Web development shop

Our PICnetters have been working hard in 2007 to turn out some of the best projects for our community, so it’s a nice reward for hard work when people in our community send us props.

Today, Colin Delany, the writer of e.politics, reported on the results of his search for the most recommended Drupal and Joomla development shops in the non-profit and campaign sectors. He sent his list of the best over the Progressive Exchange mailing list, where this writer noticed something interesting: PICnet was listed at the top of the list!

Looks like we owe more than a few lunches and drinks to our anonymous friends. We’re proud of our clients, and we’re glad their proud of us.

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  1. Jason says:

    Congrats Ryan and PICnettter — I know you made a big difference in our organization!

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