Google provisioning API and integration with Joomla

Many of our organizations are using Non-Profit Soapbox for their CMS, and when doing so also elect to utilize Google Apps for their email services. This means they receive two great tools: a content management system and an email administration system. Unfortunately, it also means that they have to utilize two different systems to manage these functionalities.

What if we could bridge that gap? What if we could provide an administrative control panel for Google Apps within the Joomla administrator?

After a point in the right direction by a good friend, it seems like this could become a reality. Google provides rather detailed PHP API for their provisioning system, including even an API for the Zend Google Data Client Library to access the Provisioning API functionality.

Using the API, one could build remote functionalities such as:

  • managing user accounts
  • managing nicknames
  • creating email lists

Anyone built on top of this yet?

Update on 11/25/07:

After some further research, even those of us not using the Zend framework can still utilize the Provisioning API in standalone mode (without having to install Zend), and it might be as easy as copying files to your PHP directory.   Even more interesting, the list of things you can edit and access include:

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3 Responses to “Google provisioning API and integration with Joomla”

  1. Elin says:

    This seems like such a given for the not for profit world. At MCS we are thrilled that we can now conceive of managing student email accounts and a real calendaring system, not to mention provide a zone of privacy around our gdocs and gchats. But making it seamless would really get people to use both the Google apps and Joomla! to their fullest potential.

  2. Josh Lyon says:

    This sounds like a great idea! I’ve been using Joomla and google for quite a while now. I recently decided to start using google apps for my domain and it would be awesome to be able to effectively integrated joomla and google apps user provisioning/authentication.

  3. Omar Severino says:

    I just learned about this post (July 7, 2008) – Any progress on integrating Google Apss with Joomla! ?

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