Joomla PBF 2007 – Day 2

Joomla!As the sun sets on most of the bug squashing locations this afternoon, we in San Francisco are also winding down on what has been a tremendous community effort. In less than 48 hours, developers and testers around the globe have squashed more Joomla 1.5 bugs than we ever could have imagined.

What some thought would normally take 4 weeks was completed in just two days.

In San Francisco, we had a blast. Today brought us two additional community members, including Steve Reichgut (all the way from Tracy) and Ron Severdia. Their efforts brought our daily total of seven SF community members doing their best to help get 1.5 out the door. Helped by a good dosage of snacks provided graciously by Debbie, freshly brewed coffee, and a nice view of the SF bay from the PICnet SF corner window, developers went to town slaying the bugs.

Today’s extra helping of pizza from our friends at Bowzer’s (not too shabby for a SOMA alternative to Za’s) helped move us into the afternoon. We bid adieu to Kenneth from Omaha and his crazy flight back home, and our friend from the East Bay, Debbie, around 1:30pm PT. Rob kept us cruising through the day with some eclectic choice in music, while sharing stories about core team sightings in the middle of Tennessee (you’ll have to ask Rob). All in all, good times from those involved.

Let’s not forget those working from home and other locations, including the Vancouver team that beamed their webcam video to all of us (as did we in SF) to keep the team’s spirits high.

I’m grateful to this community for stepping up to the challenge. Borne out of an urge for community-driven progress, I couldn’t have expected to see so many stand by each other’s sides to make this such a fantastic experiment. I’ll make sure to work with Wilco and others to provide a more detailed wrap-up, but since I’m quite confident this next week will come and go quickly, I’ll leave with one parting thought.

With all the turbulence that was 2007 in our Joomla world, we just showed the open source community that when great people come together for the betterment of all, great things can happen. To the Joomlasphere, a collective pat on the back. To those participating in this weekend’s events, a sincere “thank you” for your hard work.

Signing off from Joomla PBF 2007 in San Francisco, good night folks.

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  1. Elin says:


    Thank you so much for inspiring and organizing this great event. It was so fun to watch those patches coming in.


    Tired but happy

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