The joys of invoicing – can Freshbooks help?

FreshbooksAs Non-Profit Soapbox continues to grow in popularity, our hours spent doing invoicing each month continues to grow as well. Our joy of working with QuickBooks seems to decrease proportionally with the swelling number of clients.

Being a company steeped in the Web, I began wondering recently if there’s a better way of managing our invoices. Currently, we have to manually use QuickBooks to create invoices and receipts, then PDF them, then email them. This ends up adding up to about 5 hours a month, which I’d rather have spent on new Soapbox innovations.

About 6 months ago I signed us up for Freshbooks, an online invoicing system well accepted by the Web 2.0 world. Freshbooks seems made for people just starting out with invoicing, and those that might not already be using QuickBooks. For instance, QuickBooks is our master accounting records, and where we record active clients. With Freshbooks, it seems like we’d need to duplicate our efforts by posting invoices in both our QuickBooks and Freshbooks. We’re trying to find a way to:

  • Automate emailing of invoices and receipts to clients
  • Create invoices in non-PDF format for easy distribution
  • Build an online, password-protected client area for billing history

Anyone have experience using Freshbooks, or have an automation tips in using QuickBooks?

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5 Responses to “The joys of invoicing – can Freshbooks help?”

  1. Daniel Tsang says:

    Hi there,

    This is Daniel from FreshBooks and thanks for asking.

    If you would like to synchronize invoice information in FreshBooks with QuickBooks, I recommend entering your total billed and received payments into QuickBooks as a single line entry at the end of the month or your billing period. This will help sync both FreshBooks and QuickBooks totals.

    If your accountants need additional details regarding specific invoice information, they can access them at any time inside FreshBooks. You basically keep your invoice totals in QuickBooks and your Invoice specific details in FreshBooks. You can also export your invoice reports to CSV or EXCEL so you have a soft-copy of your invoices on your computer. This way, your accountant can look at invoices without entering FreshBooks at all.

    Please also note, that all FreshBooks client and invoice data can be exported at any time to an excel spread sheet or a comma delimited file.

    For automated solutions, you might also be interested in taking a look at our API which allows you access your FreshBooks data without logging in.

    I hope this helps.



  2. Mark Thompson says:

    There is an available add-on for QuickBooks called Online Billing Solutions that will allow you to send invoices directly from the program. It works well by itself, buut even better with if you combine it with Intuit’s Merchant Service.

    I hope this helps,


  3. Dante says:

    1. On both your Invoices and Sales Receipts there is feature that allows you to mark the invoice to be e-mailed.

    2. Invoices and Sales Receipts in PDF can’t get any easier for distribution. Adobe Reader is freely available and nearly everyone has it on their computer.

    3. Like Mark says Intuit offers a service called QuickBooks Billing Solutions. It’s online and password-protected for your clients and will show their billing history with your company.

    I recently signed up for an account with FreshBooks to check it out. After reviewing its features I believe it’s nice for what it does but ultimately fails to serve the higher purposes of accounting.

  4. Ryan Ozimek

    @Daniel: thanks for visiting and responding, great to hear right from the Freshbooks team! The API would be critical for our developers to review, and you can be sure we’ll be doing so.

    @Mark: we use Intuit Merchant Service, so I’m going to look into the Online Billing Solutions now too.

    Thanks for the tips folks!


  5. anthonyR says:

    I used FreshBooks for a while but changed to – a way cheaper and flexible.

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