PICnet DC gets ready for a makeover

PICnet PenguinStarting in February, the PICnet headquarters in Washington DC will begin a grand makeover, bringing in new offices, stand-up presentation area, new lounge, and a cozy new work environment.

These great changes come with the joy of construction, which has been delayed a little over the past few weeks. We’ve got our construction helmets from our NTC appearance last year, which should come in handy during the months of February and March (and maybe April…and May). Luckily we won’t be using any of the sledge hammers ourselves, but I’m sure that at the end of some days our team might be more than happy to lend a hand.

During the construction, we’ll likely be cutting back on in-house visits to the PICnet HQ. Not to fret, however, because once this project is complete you can expect a big open house bash with your PICnet friends.

Before and after photos to be used in the reality TV building makeover show of your choice will be available soon in our Flickr stream.

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