SugarCRM 5 upgrade brings smiling faces to PICnet

SugarCRMIn the world of CRM systems, we’ve played with them all. Internally, we’re fans of the SugarCRM tool for a variety of reasons, none of which I’ll even try to explain here. Well, I will point out one: SugarCRM 5 finally includes an easy to use module builder (something our friends in the world have had for a while now).

This is the holy grail of online CRM systems which kept organizations like PICnet in the world of offline databases like FileMaker Pro. With our internal tracking of domain names, databases, pipeline and sales, server configurations, etc, we needed something that could pool all this data into one place.

With SugarCRM 5, we have finally found an affordable open source system that gives us the ability to store and manage this data internally. Our PICnetters are now able to pull up the records of our client organizations, and see on one screen the offerings we’ve provided to them, as well as all their related data in place.

Let’s just say that our support department was doing virtual cartwheels when they found out they could grab all this data.

If you’ve got any SugarCRM 5 modules or customizations that you think are worthwhile, let us know! We’re most interested in learning more about reporting engines like ZuckerReports.

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