Denver or bust

Denver SkylineAs usual, it’s a late night in DC for me before I get ready to head out of town. This time, it’s a little different though. Rather than the typical DC to SF trip I take, this weekend I’m flying to Denver for the Democratic Convention.

Without much of an agenda other than to meet new people and continue building connections with our community, I’m looking forward to seeing what all the buzz is about these conventions. I’ll be arriving tomorrow evening, and staying through Aug 29 morning. During that time, I expect to spend much of my time at the Big Tent, which I figure should be the center of the high-tech action.

There’s of course a lot of business social networking that needs to be done. Every night. At the parties. This will be very serious, and require my full attention. Expect to see me at events like the 5280 party and the happy hours and events thrown by our friends at New Era Colorado.

If you’re going to be in Denver during the convention, drop me a note!

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