Twitter tweets vs. Facebook status updates

For those organizations and individuals that have taken the online social network plunge, you’ve likely heard of two giants in the social networking world: Twitter and Facebook. While I do my best to keep up with the cool kids on the nptech circuit, I’ve learned a few things along the way that can help you spread the word about your organization through these systems.


Think of Twitter like a mini-blog. When you write a “tweet”, your posting is stored for the world to see on your Twitter page. Of course, you’ve only got 140 characters to do it in, so you’ll need to keep it short. These tweets are displayed to others that are connected to your Twitter feed, which is extremely powerful for delivering a message quickly and directly to a large community. For instance, during the recent hurricanes that swept the southeast, Twitter feeds were setup among volunteers to help co-ordinate support efforts.

While you can type whatever you’d like within your tweets, I’ve found myself more attracted to using Twitter to read the breaking news and information from within my network rather than to read a friend post “I’m cooking pizza tonight.” Additionally, some of the best morsels from Twitter are actually links shared from others. You can easily do this by ending your tweet with a URL created by TinyURL, or any other link shortener. This provides your own comment along with a link for further reading to your visitor.


Amazingly, it seems like everybody is on Facebook now. Unlike Twitter, Facebook is more truly a social networking platform that provides a variety of connection points between you and your network of friends and collegues. Facebook’s status update provides you with the ability to quickly share what you’re doing with your network.

While some people are starting to post both to Twitter and Facebook with the same updates, I’m beginning to see a shift in the usage of the two. Facebook seems to be the place where people are focused more on their personal life. This stems from the origianl Facebook requirement of starting all your status updates with “[your name] is…” This lends itself to postings like “Bob is going to pick up the kids”, or “Christina can’t believe the traffic on 101 today.”

With different mediums come different messages. In the Twitter and Facebook worlds, I’ve found that the more personal the update, the more likely it belongs on Facebook. In any case, keep those tweets and status updates coming…everyone’s a voyeur in 2008.

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