PICnetters prepare for Technology in the Arts Conference 2008

Technology in the ArtsPICnetters hail from a wide-variety of backgrounds that makes our team diverse, including book-writing, international aid, and even law. One of our project manager superstars, Katie Guernsey, brings the beauty of the arts to the team with her strong background in community arts management. She’ll be joining strategist and architect Pradeep Suthram at this year’s Technology in the Arts Conference in Pittsburgh, October 9-11, sharing the Joomla story and enlightening folks with a hands-on learning session.

Technology in the Arts is a service of Center for Arts Management and Technology, an applied research center at Carnegie Mellon University, which provides a wonderful wealth of information for those in the arts community. As the conference Web site reads…

The Technology in the Arts Conference annually brings together the nation’s arts community to spark dialog around the intersection of technology and the arts, discuss best practices as well as lessons learned, provide hands-on training, and examine new potential uses for technology in the arts.

We highly recommend this conference for those of you in the arts community looking to learn more about how technology can shape and provide the assistance you need to gain greater efficiencies in your organizations. Hurry though, online registration ends October 7, 2008!

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