Joomla!Day USA SF 2008 delivers a successful event to the Bay Area

This year’s Joomla!Day USA San Francisco Bay Area was a terrific follow-up to the inaugural event last year, with familiar faces and great sessions. Delivered in the Joomla!Day USA’s now typical un-conference format (with help from Aspiration’s Allen Gunn), the event covered a variety of areas, including templating, Joomla basics, extension development, and more without even one PowerPoint presentation.

With our gracious hosts at Google, and lead by the growing Bay Area Joomla User Group, the event not only played as a great venue for learning about Joomla, but also for meeting up with friends from the community. We were lucky to have folks like Louis Landry, Anthony Ferrara, and Wilco Jansen fly in from as far away as the Netherlands for the gathering.

With three session tracks to attend, I ended up hosting two beginner sessions and a session CRM-CMS integration. The beginner sessions were a great opportunity for me to get back in the trenches with new Joomla users, and there’s something really exciting to see someone’s face light up when they start to realize the power and ease of using Joomla.

In the CRM-CMS session, we did a review of a few of the top CRM sessions for NPOs and small and mid-sized businesses, especially integrations with CiviCRM, Democracy in Action, and

Congratulations to the leaders of the Bay Area Joomla Users Group who organized the event! Even better, for those of you looking for a Joomla!Day event in your local US community, there is word of many more spreading throughout the USA within the next year! Keep your eyes open on the site to learn more.

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