Vote for our 2009 NTC session proposals!

NTC 2009In spirit of the season, it’s time for us to lobby for votes! We at PICnet have put together three sessions for next year’s Non-Profit Technology Conference that we think would add excitement to the conference. Now, we’re looking for your support to help us spread the word about open source and the state of the non-profit technology industry.

The NTEN team created a fully transparent process this year, providing everyone in the community a chance to submit session ideas. There were more than 200 session requests this year, so we’ve built this list to help you quickly find what we’re interested in discussing with the community. Do your civic duty and vote before the October 3 deadline!

There are number of other great sessions up for grabs as well, we’d recommend you cruise through the list when you’ve got an opportunity.  See you at the NTC in San Francisco!

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