Networking line-up in the socially responsible business world

PICnet works with a unique slice of the American economy, including non-profits, non-governmental organizations, government agencies, associations, and advocacy groups. One of the newer categories of groups we’re beginning to engage are socially responsible businesses (or corporate social responsibility-focused businesses…choose your own titling), and in the quest to learn more about this important slice of the new economy, I’m beginning some research on the networking groups within this world.

Here’s a shortlist of what I’ve found so far. I’m interested in learning about other networking opportunities as well, so please share your thoughts.

  • Social Venture Network – seems to be the gathering place of mid-sized business owners and entrepreneurs, with about 500 participating individuals in North America.
  • Net Impact – my early experiences with Net Impact, way back in 2004, was that it was focused on business school and just-finished-b-school folks, but it looks like the community may have shifted since then.
  • Sustainable Business Network of Washington – this is obviously DC focused, but we were recommended to look into this group in more detail, especially since our friends and partners in DC like Free Range Studios and Democracy in Action are members.
  • Business Alliance for Local Living Economies – what started off as a project within the Social Venture Network has turned into a 15,000 member organization focused on local sourcing of goods and services.

I know that’s only a few of the many networking opportunities available for socially conscious entrepreneurs, so if you have a few to recommend, please let me know.  Happy networking!

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