NOSI finds a new home inside Aspiration

My time sitting on the steering committee for the Non-Profit Open Source Initiative has been a great opportunity to learn more about how a tech advocacy group within the non-profit community can be effective in spreading its message. In an effort to allow the NOSI message to grow further, Aspiration has agreed to make NOSI a project under the Aspiration umbrella.

The merger will allow the two organizations to focus their collective energies on growing free and open source capacity in the nonprofit sector, working with developers, integrators, and end users. A number of open source tools, including the Firefox web browser, the CiviCRM platform, and a range of open source web publishing systems, have reached a state of maturity that makes them excellent options for nonprofits. But much work remains to be done in supporting the creation and sustainability of FOSS options in a number of other mission-critical software categories. Aspiration and NOSI welcome the challenge.

I’m excited to see what will blossom from this unique connection of minds!

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