Non-profit software developers to unite in Oakland, November 17

Back in 2003, a small group of non-profit and advocacy developers met in San Francisco for a three day event to share ideas and build energy in the budding non-profit technology world. The result was an amazing success of knowledge sharing and the building of new technology for the sector.

Fast forward to 2008. Our friends at Aspiration will be hosting the Non-Profit Software Developers Summit on November 17-19 at Oakland’s Preservation Park. This is a must-attend event (register now).

Non-Profit Developers Summit 2007

I have been lucky enough to attend every Non-Profit Software Developers Summit, and I’m always amazed by the powerful take-aways I retain from each event. Many conferences are about 50 people sitting in a room and watching someone lecture. Aspiration’s Dev Summits require participation from all attendees, allowing for a powerful connections to be made between attendees.

So if you’re looking to share code, discuss the state of our non-profit tech world, and build a better technology future for the non-profit community, you should be at the Dev Summit on November 17.

Here’s a short video of the 2007 Dev Summit, to help you get a feel for the event.

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