PICnetters migrate to DC for our semi-annual

With three offices and multiple PICnetters working from home offices, it’s not too often that our team gets face-time together. On October 14-15, PICnetters from across the country will do their semi-annual migration to the PICnet DC office for our end of the year meetings. During this time, we’ll be exchanging ideas for new services for our community most of day, but available to help extinguish emergencies.

A little background. When the company was starting to grow, it was clear that there were three cities we were going to focus on: Washington, San Francisco, and New York. This setup was obviously going to spread our team thin across the country. With my belief that the water cooler (virtual or otherwise) are where great ideas start, I knew that we needed at least a few times a year that our team physically met in person.

Each year, we have at least two major events that help facilitate in-person meetings among PICnetters. The annual retreat provides a remote location for idea generation from the year’s vision and goals as set in January. The semi-annual meeting in October is an opportunity for us to review our year’s work, provide course corrections where necessary before the end of the year, and to have a good time over food and drink.

We’re looking forward to meeting up and discussing new ways to serve our sector!

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