Office therapy in a putting green

Putting in DCHealth care costs are rising. Fall season brings changing weather and cooler temperatures. Stress from what is supposed to be a joyous holiday season brings headaches. Where can one go to get away from it all? How about the putting green at PICnet DC.

One of the most therapuetic tools we have at PICnet is a 6 foot long artificial turf putting green with three holes. This putting green, along with our trusty left-handed putter for an extra challenge and a pitching wedge for the long shots from the sand, is the perfect therapy tool for my tough days.

I’m not a great golfer by any stretch of the imagination; however, there’s something about focusing intently on hitting that hole-in-one that seems to let the day’s worries slip away into the fog of obscurity. When I hop off a tough phone call, or finish a marathon of proposal writing, the folks in the “big room” next to me can hear my foot steps as I make my way to the putting green.

A few missed putts later, and the occasional chip, I’m relaxed and my shoulders seem to move back down into their comfortable position.  I’m ready to get back to work after a few minutes of putting.

The green also works as a nice discussion zone. Rather than plopping down a conference table, that separates individuals from each other, a nice 6 foot patch of turf seems to go a long way to promote water cooler-ish discussion.

My recommendation: if you’re having the mid-day blues, picking up a putter and focusing on something simple, like sinking a hole-in-one, might be a better stress relief than turning on the cable TV news.

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