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Getting ready for Joomla!Day UK – March 13-14

Joomla!Day UK 2009On March 13 and 14, Joomla developers and users from across the United Kingdom will be traveling to Maidstone for the upcoming Joomla!Day UK event.  I’m excited to be on the speaker’s list, sharing the stage with some good Joomla friends like Anthony Ferrara, Wilco Jansen, Alex Kempkens, and Chris Davenport.

Andy Wallace, our gracious host and terrific leader of the event, will be putting me to work running six sessions slots during the two day event (a snapshot of all the sessions for the convergence are posted as well).  Here’s a little preview of the sessions I’ll be running:

  • OSM and Joomla! Community Management
  • How academic institutions use Joomla!
  • Joomla! 101 from the beginning
  • Integration of Joomla! With CRM tools
  • How Non-Profit Organisations utilise Joomla! Part 1
  • How Non-Profit Organisations utilise Joomla! Part 2

In short, this is a must attend event if you’re in the UK!  With the success of our booth at the LinuxLive Expo London, I’m excited to see the turnout at this Joomla!Day.

For registration and more information, head over to the Joomla!Day UK Web site.


PICnetters lending a hand in the SxSW CMS showdown

SxSW will play host to what can be considered a cage match of three powerhouse CMSes: Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.  Two PICnetters (myself and Kevin Devine) will be contributing our support and development skills to help complete a 100 hour project, as defined by the creators of the Ultimate Showdown of Content Management System Destiny (I’m betting the original reference is this catchy video).

Ultimate Showdown of CMS Destiny

This event will be taking place virtually during the next few weeks, but the panel presenting it will be held at SxSW 2009 on Monday, March 16th in Austin, Texas.

Amy Stephen is leading up the effort in the Joomla world, and she’ll be supported by a cast of Joomla experts, including Arno Zijstra and Stephen Fisher heading up design and usability, PICnetter Kevin and Amy focused on the application end of things, and Mitch Pirtle focusing on communications.

For those in the Twitter world, keep track of their work on the #joomlasxsw tag. Go to it, team Joomla!